UK MPs launching legal inquiry into Facebook ‘fake news’

A collection of Facebook documents has been in custody using Parliament’s legal powers as MPs investigate the Cambridge Analytica data and the sinister incidents related to the link. The papers are reporting details that reveal more on the privacy controls and data of the social media company prior to the wrong was officially exposed. The […]

How does E-Conveyancing work and is it helpful?

Conveyancing is a legal term, which concerns the transfer of property from the seller to that of the buyer or purchaser. Hence, this lawful procedure is significant to the new owner in order to obtain the unrestricted title to the property. If in case the owner of the property planning to sell a property does […]

Driving offences to avoid to make you’re not banned from driving

There are many different kinds of traffic offences that you should avoid. Becoming aware of these offenses will ensure that you are abiding by the law and will help prevent you being prosecuted by law and needing the services of a motoring lawyer. Below are some of the most common driving mistakes that can get […]

How Much Can You Claim for a Neck Injury After A Car Accident?

A neck injury is usually severe due to forceful jolts it receives during a car accident. But how much can You Claim for a Neck Injury After A Car Accident? This question can immediately arise in the injured person’s mind when someone suggests him or her to file complain for the compensation. Well, the amount […]

Late Hospital Admission – Your Rights As Patient

Late hospital admission is one of the worst things that can happen to a patient. You may be ailing at the moment and this is not good at all. Medical professionals have a responsibility to do anything in their power to stop the suffering of a patient. You can, therefore, tell it is very wrong […]